How to Start Over in Recovery

A new year brings new beginnings. The prospect of a fresh start can excite a person leading them to find and receive the help they need to achieve their goal. The good thing about slipping back into old patterns is a person can begin again. Acknowledge and Accept the Past Before anyone can move forward, […]

Taking the Sixth Step in Recovery

A 12-Step program is often a part of the healing process of a substance use disorder (SUD). For example, Step 6 in some programs asks a person to admit they are ready to remove character defects. While calling parts of a person defective may seem harsh, try to frame the concept of being flawed as […]

The 12 Part Guide to Holiday Sobriety

Do you dread the holidays? You aren’t alone if you said yes. However, instead of going into the holiday season with a deep sense of dread, you can turn the holidays into a time of joy. To help you kick off this holiday season with a plan, let’s look at how to maintain your sobriety. […]

Substance Recovery Is Essential to Your Health

Substance addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment. Like any long-term commitment, working to maintain sobriety comes with challenges and successes. An essential part of enduring all aspects of life is to embrace opportunities. Change, acceptance, and believing in your future are intertwined with your willingness to create new experiences. Embrace everything recovery has to offer […]

The Benefits of Boxing During Substance Addiction Recovery

Life can box you into a corner; however, don’t let being in the corner keep you from maintaining your determination to meet or exceed your goals. The truth is, you don’t always know what is coming next, and you can’t tell if the future will knock you down. Whenever life throws punches, your response determines […]

Conversations in Recovery: What Is Hope?

The beginning of the new year brings hope to many. People take the time on December 31st to make resolutions and set goals anticipating they will achieve them. Hope is the idea that things will change or get better in the future. At some point, everyone holds optimism towards what they think their life will […]

Decision Making: The Path to Recovery

Choices always predetermine the outcome. You have free will to make a decision, but your choices dictate the path you take in recovery. Choices are the steps taken to reach the goal you decided on prior; options are the routes available to getting there. There are three steps on your road to recovery: decision, options, […]

Reasons for Substance Use in Veterans: How You Can Help

Veterans devoted their lives to protecting America. Now, it’s our turn to help those who helped us. Sixty-seven years ago, Congress passed legislation designating November 11th as Veterans Day. However, you may not understand how service affected their mental health. While devoting a day to thank veterans for their service is one way to express […]

How to Maintain Sobriety in the Month of November

Thanksgiving may kick off the holiday season, but November is much more than a special Thursday at the end of the month. Clients with substance use disorders (SUD) can benefit from finding new ways to meet and cope with the expectations of the holiday season. One way to engage your client in finding healthy ways […]

Sober Parenting Through the Holidays

Parenting is hard. Whether your client is a stay-at-home parent or one who works, parenting is a full-time job that leads to emotional instability and burnout. The unspoken part of taking care of children is that it is neverending, leaving parents worried about the health and welfare of their children. Because of this immense pressure […]