Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield for Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles California

Alta Centers, Southern California Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles Hollywood Hills

Alta Centers is in Network with Antem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Alta Centers, California Drug and Alcohol Rehab, is in-network with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem BCBS)

Alta Centers, an inpatient addiction treatment rehab, is the network provider for behavioral health with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Alta Centers Detox is Los Angeles Addiction Recovery and Treatment Center with Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs , Inpatient Rehab, Dual Diagnosis and Aftercare . We are located in the heart of Los Angeles Hollywood Hills , California.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage for Drug Rehab

Anthem is one of the brands within the Blue Cross Blue Shield group, which is one of the largest health insurance companies in the country. In California, Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California, Anthem Blue Cross Partnership Plan, Anthem BC Health Insurance Company and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. In June of 2022, Anthem was rebranded as Elevance Health.

Anthem BCBS offers an assortment of health services and health benefits, including addiction treatment in drug rehab and alcohol rehab. In 2020 Anthem completed an acquisition of Beacon Health Options, a large behavioral health organization that serves more than 36 million people across the country. In March 2023, Beacon Health Options has changed its name to Carelon Behavioral Health and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem; exclusively providing addiction treatment to SAG-AFTRA union members.

Coverage of Addiction Treatment by Anthem BCBS

In general, insurance policies cover all or part of the costs of addiction treatment. The type of treatment and provider can affect the coverage. Anthem BCBS, one of the largest insurers in the United States offers several plans that provide varying levels coverage. These may include and provided at Alta Centers:

Inpatient/residential rehab, which are known as a live-in treatment program in which patients receive around-the-clock care and supervision.

This level of care may be recommended to individuals struggling to manage their recovery on their own and unable to benefit from lower levels such as outpatient therapy and those living in surroundings not conducive to sobriety. Additionally, inpatient stays may be recommended for individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders; who have experienced prior relapse; and require medication management for withdrawal symptoms or need withdrawal management support. Residential drug rehab treatment offers increased focus on recovery while clinical and medical supervision provide greater control during withdrawal process, making management of severe withdrawal symptoms or any significant other medical or mental health conditions more effectively.

Co-occurring disorder treatment covered by Anthem BCBS

Mental health conditions often co-occur. Co-occurring disorders include depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder that often arise with addiction.

It can be difficult for people with co-occurring disorders to manage both conditions simultaneously. In many cases, the symptoms of one disorder can affect the other. If a person feels depressed, for example, that person might be less likely than usual to adhere to your addiction recovery program. If he or she is anxious, they might be more inclined to use alcohol or drugs compulsively to cope.

Dual diagnosis is also known as co-occurring disorders and requires treatment for both Mental Health Disorders and addiction.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies to cover mental health treatment. This includes both co-occurring disorders treatment and standalone drug rehab.

Anthem BCBS offers coverage of co-occurring disorders in its mental health plans. The specifics of this coverage will depend on the plan.

Types of Addiction Treatment Therapies covered by Anthem BCBS

At Alta Centers, under Anthem BCBS or Carelon Behavioral Health substance abuse coverage you will receive inpatient treatments, which include, medication-assisted therapy, behavioral therapies, and detox. The comprehensive approach to addiction care ensures patients receive the treatment they need to recover. The treatment of addiction is complex and requires a broad approach to all factors involved. Anthem’s drug rehab and alcohol rehab program includes all the treatment options necessary to help patients recover. Treatment programs can be brief lasting up to seven days or more comprehensive lasting 30 days or longer. Insurance coverage for addiction treatment can vary depending on policy and provider. Anthem BCBS providers can help patients determine their coverage for addiction treatment.

Difference between in-network and out-of-network Anthem BCBS Rehab Centers

Anthem BCBS and Carelon Behavioral Health have contracts with in-network facilities, like Alta Centers, meaning that they are bound to charge a specific amount for drug treatments and alcohol treatments. Out-of network centers may charge more because they have not agreed to the terms.

Because of an agreement with Anthem BCBS and Carelon Behavioral Health, in-network rehab facilities will offer lower prices for their services. The insurance company will pay a specific amount for services provided by these rehab centers. The patient is only responsible for the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-network clinics, on the other hand do not have a contract. They may therefore charge more for the exact same services and balance bill a patient for the difference between their retail price and the payment from the insurance company.

How to verify your Anthem BCBS Insurance coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment?

When seeking treatment for addiction, it is important to have health insurance coverage that includes substance abuse treatment. Alta Centers will verify your Anthem BCBS insurance coverage either in a confidential call or through an application on its website.


Once your insurance verification form is submitted, our staff will be in touch within the next 24hrs. All inquiries and calls are completely confidential. With a call to (888)202-2583, an admissions coordinator will partner with you to figure out what substance use treatment your medical insurance provider can cover.

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