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Hollywood Hills | Los Angeles | California

Alta Centers is an addiction recovery facility in the heart of Los Angeles, providing you with state-of-the-art Alcohol and Drug Detox, Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab , and Post-Treatment Aftercare, we hope to form a connection. We always remember our clients, and through our innovative services, we hope to be remembered by our clients too.  Alta Centers addiction treatment facility seats right next to the famous Hollywood sign in Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. As the sign represents hope for many talents, we tap into that hope that you can be free of substance dependence.

The history of Alta Centers – Los Angeles, encompasses our commitment to each human being that has the courage to get sober and remain sober. Alta Centers first opened in 2015 with the idea of integrating treatment programs that incorporate treatment into a person’s life, without consuming an individual with exhausting therapy and procedures. We understand that alcohol and drug abuse treatment is a complicated and challenging part of someone’s life and it requires our commitment to the triumph of our clients’ and their loved ones, as they embark on a journey towards recovery.

Alta Centers developed initially as an outpatient program, operating our addiction treatment program to incorporate teachings about recovery and enhancement of the life. Hoping that every person would learn not only how to stay sober but how to truly live as a sober person, dealing with natural stressors and discussing them in an open, honest space. Each client receiving weekly psychiatrist session, a therapy session, and a case management session.

We became Joint Commission accredited in the spring of 2016, committing to our patient experience and best practices of addiction treatment. Through the time we have been open, our staff and program have been featured on E! Television, Music Connection magazine, The Recovery Revolution podcast as well as others and our approach has engaged industry professionals as innovative. Alta Centers has always committed to our mission statement, from the day we opened our doors, we have been determined to providing addiction treatment to struggling individuals in a community environment with a transparent voice, helping them feel safe, and have a newfound sense of stability and belonging.

Our current model has expanded our addiction treatment program that is a continuum of care in combination with alcohol and drug abuse detox and residential treatment in order to provide an environment at all levels of care, utilizing evidence-based practices, and a staff that cares about each person walking through our doors. At Alta Centers – Los Angeles, we focus on the reasons why there is an addiction and how emotional and psychological factors can be a root cause of addiction, dealing with those painful experiences with dedicated professionals. Alta Centers proudly became accredited by the Joint Commission in 2016 on grounds of its sincere devotion to help individuals regain their confidence and, consequently, their life back. Over the years, Alta Centers’ efforts have been continually recognized by names such as E! Television, Music Connection Magazine, and The Recovery Revolution podcast amongst several others. recovery phase, so we look for innovative ways to integrate treatment into your life rather than completely altering your way of life and identity.


Alta Centers on the cover from Music Connection magazine - A Different Approach to Recovery
Alta Centers on the cover from Music Connection magazine - A Different Approach to Recovery