Staying Safe and Sober While Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays is a time-worn tradition for some. However, whether you visit friends or family via train, plane, or automobile, navigating the crowds is a challenge. 2021 Post-ish Pandemic Travel Traveling this year is not guaranteed, as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is continuously revising their holiday gathering advisories. With the uncertainty […]

How COVID-19 Exposed Discrepancies in Health Services

The highs and lows of mental health affect everyone. No one is left untouched, from the person going through a mental health crisis to their friends, family, or co-workers. California has in place a health-tracking system that identifies the use of mental health services, services provided, unmet needs, and the extent to which a person […]

How to Find Wellness During the Holidays

The dizzying obligations and responsibilities during the holidays can usher in uninvited guests: depression and stress. The list of expectations on many includes cooking, baking, shopping, hosting festivities, cleaning, or finding the energy to communicate with others. In addition, some may still worry about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and potential health impacts. However, all is not lost. […]

Finding Joy in the Holidays

The holidays are a mixture of nostalgia, anticipation, and stress. Like last year, many are still coping with the uncertainty of Coronavirus (COVID-19); however, due to the pandemic and the need to decrease stress, festivities will look different while people find healthy and safe ways to celebrate the season. COVID-19 The impact the global pandemic […]

How to Rethink Resolutions and Goals

The time after the holidays holds untapped potential. Somewhere though, the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve can fall away from your daily routine, so don’t give up on your resolutions; instead, create goals. Resolutions need realistic and detailed objectives for them to be successful. Is There a Difference Between a Goal and a […]

How to Flip the Script on Anger

Anger is a natural response to situations. For example, in the heat of a stressful or hurtful moment, we can use our anger to endure what we are experiencing. However, uncontrollable anger is destructive to physical and mental health. What Is Anger? There are two categories of aggression: impulsive and predatory. Some substances are directly […]

Recognizing Manipulation in Relationships: A Guide for Substance Users

Vulnerability is as attractive to manipulators as strength. Manipulative people feed off of their prey, often attacking a person’s self-confidence. People with substance use disorders (SUD) can be, at times, the manipulator. However, sometimes they are manipulated. Discussing Manipulation A client may not realize a friend, relative, or colleague is manipulating them. While they are […]

Breaking Down the Myths of Being Lazy

The time to end the stigma of being lazy is now. Laziness is not a counterproductive behavior, and people should not feel discouraged or shamed if they choose active rest. The list of benefits of being lazy is endless, including increasing a person’s physical and mental well-being. Encouraging your clients to indulge in laziness may […]

Discovering Comfort in Routine

Routines or daily habits create comfort. There is a sense of certainty when you know what and when you will perform a daily ritual. These habits are more than activities like brushing your teeth, showering, or getting ready for your day. They provide consistency. What Is Consistency? Consistency is how you achieve success, like practicing […]

Difference Between Self-respect, Selflessness, and Selfishness

Acts of selfishness, selflessness, and self-respect fill our world. Those who place their needs above others are selfish, while those who put others above themselves are selfless. Often, the most misunderstood person is a person who recognizes the value of self-respect. The distinction between the three acts can be confusing, but with a bit of […]