Addiction Therapy: Substance Use Disorders

Inpatient Treatment in Los Angeles

What is an Intervention?

What is an Intervention? In a situation involving substance use disorder, planning an intervention may be the best, and safest, option to help someone who

Psychoeducational Groups

Addiction in Young Professionals

Substance Abuse in Young Professionals Read on to learn more about how substance abuse in young professionals continues to rise, along with available help. What

Addiction Hollywood

Drug Addiction in Hollywood

Why is Drug Addiction So Prevalent in Hollywood? Drug addiction in Hollywood has been commonplace for decades now, but why is that? Read on to

Danger of drug overdose

Dangers of Drug Overdose

Dangers of Drug Overdose Drug overdose is a major health crisis in the United States. Read on to learn more about drug overdose and how

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Types of Substance Use Disorders

Types of Substance Use Disorder It can be difficult to witness a loved one struggle with a substance use disorder. Learn about intercession methods below.