Addiction Therapy: Co-Occurring Disorders

Anxiety and depression - group discussing anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression Medications

Anxiety and Depression Medications Overview of Anxiety and Depression Anxiety and depression are two of the most commonly occurring mental health disorders. Depression is not just having

Depression treatment

How Are Depression and Addiction Related?

How Are Depression and Addiction Related? Depression and addiction are often linked. Learn about the details, causes, and treatment options. Table of Contents: Understanding Depression

Co occurring disorder

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorders?

What Is a Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program? Read on to learn when substance use disorders and mental health disorders coincide. What Are Co-Occurring Disorders? The

What is Dual Diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

What Is Dual Diagnosis? Learn about the details, symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options for dual diagnosis. Overview of Dual Diagnosis The rate of dual