What is a drug and alcohol detox program and how does it work?

Drug detox

What is a drug and alcohol detox program and how does it work?

A drug and alcohol detox program is a residential treatment program that oversees the detoxification from substances such as alcohol, Xanax, and opiates. Detox programs are a place where an individual can start the treatment process, focusing on removing the physical withdrawal of the substances. It is important to remember that drug and alcohol detox is the first process of the treatment phase and only the start of working on staying sober.  Addiction is a disorder that encompasses many different aspects of the person and the care provided subsequently has to focus on different aspects in each phase of treatment.


Starting the drug and alcohol detox phase of treatment, individuals are asked about their drug history then put on a protocol of a tapered medication such as Suboxone or Ativan. Suboxone which is also used as a modern-day Methadone treatment is used in a taper that starts from a certain milligram dosage and tapers to zero within the detoxification phase. Medication is used in the detoxification process because it is effective at not only safely detoxing the patient but slowly removing the substance from the body over a period of days which makes the process less painful

“I think a lot of people see films that show drug and alcohol detox as this really difficult process, and it completely is a difficult process, but not in the way it’s always shown, most people don’t have these painful symptoms because they are on medication when detoxing in a facility” Alta Center’s executive director Garrett Braukman explains that detox is not just a painfully arduous process but a process that is best handled by professionals.

There are drugs as well that do not have a physical detox and thus do not need a detox program such as cocaine and methamphetamine. However, alcohol ,benzodiazepines such as Xanax and opiates like heroin, fentanyl, and Oxycontin have sometimes deadly consequences if not treated with medication over a taper when going off the substance. Living in Los Angeles, there is a handful of drugs both prescribed and on the street that can become very physically addictive very fast. Hollywood is full of drugs and alcohol and that’s why our facility is located in the heart of Hollywood, to help those who struggle within our city.


Drug and alcohol detox works from day one to achieve abstinence from the substances you are struggling with by adapting to lower doses over a week to two-week period. These tapers allow an individual to feel less pain and slowly start to engage in the real world without the effects of drugs and alcohol. Sobriety becomes more of a solution and although addiction is a psychological issue as well as a physical one, the first step in the long process of recovery is to remove the physical addiction barrier that can address the issues related to the illness.

Over this period of time as you taper from say an 8-milligram dosage of suboxone to zero you will slowly take less and less until it feels safe for you to drop to full removal of any medication. This is typically done by a medical doctor who is there to monitor the process. Complications in drug and alcohol detox can happen and often happen when people try to get off drugs and alcohol on their own without the supervision of trusted medical staff and regulated facilities. It may seem like you can get off drugs and alcohol on your own or taper at an outpatient drug and alcohol detox facility but it is so important to be monitored in case of complications on a 24-hour basis during the process of drug and alcohol detox

Alta Centers is a drug and alcohol detox program that encompasses the comfort and luxury of a beautiful modern home in the secluded  Hollywood Hills  Los Angeles  California,  while also focusing on the physical withdrawal symptoms and engaging with those in the detox process to encourage them towards the next step of the treatment process. Alta’s program is focused on individuality so that each client gets the care they require, and their needs met during this difficult detox process.

Our staff has been trained with experience, knowledge, and education on the detox process and focus on what matters most, putting someone back into control of their life and educating them on the process of recovery while making sure they are healthy and happy during the process. We know drug and alcohol detox is often times scary and seldom do people want to come into drug and alcohol treatment. As a leading provider within Los Angeles, we are here to help you get sober and help you decide to change your life. It is okay to be scared and fearful about the detox process, but we know how to properly handle and achieve full detoxification for residents within Los Angeles and throughout California.

If you or your loved one is struggling with substance abuse and dependence, contact our staff for an assessment on withdrawal potential and reach out for help. We’re here to help.


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