Alta Centers understands that admitting to a treatment center is a life-changing and important decision to make.

Our experienced staff is with you throughout the treatment process from the first phone call to aftercare. Alta Centers treatment program encompasses the individual as they are. We utilize group counseling and individual counseling to focus on the best results of recovery.  Engaging each person who enters our doors to develop where they want to be in 3-6 months and helping them get there. Whether it’s going to school, trauma counseling, or just relapse prevention Alta Centers wants our staff to engage in the client’s recovery.  We’ve developed a comprehensive program looking at not only the disease concept but how we rehabilitate addicts in a healthy habitat, focusing on community and development. Also, we do experiential activities weekly because we want you not just to live a sober life, but experience what a sober lifestyle is. Frequently, we work with our staff to find new and fun places to go with clients to experience sobriety.

The process of treatment can be lengthy, but this is what is shown to be most effective as an individual slowly drops in levels of care over time. With a 24 hour dedicated hotline, in case of crisis exists for clients and loved ones to call, as well as alumni. We want every person who enters our doors to understand and engage in their level of care, step by step until they are ready for the next part of their recovery.

Our programming runs seven days a week in residential and five days a week in outpatient care, as an individual steps down they will come four days a week, three days a week, and eventually become alumni.

our programming hours:

• 9 am-3 pm
• 9 am-12 pm (Intensive Outpatient)
• 12 pm-3 pm (Intensive Outpatient)
• 6 pm-9 pm (Evening Outpatient Treatment)
• 9 am-3 pm
• 9 am-12 pm (Intensive Outpatient)
• 12 pm-3 pm (Intensive Outpatient)
• 6 pm-9 pm (Evening Outpatient Treatment)


About the disease of addiction and understanding of the cognitive connections and brain development in recovery. Our knowledgeable team can provide individual and group therapy programs that can not only educate but engage in your recovery.


We, at Alta Centers, believe in a community environment, developed for the individual. We want our clients to put forward the necessary work to engage in our community. Through our alumni meetings, our clinical groups or meals at our program. We want our clients to understand the safe space they have and utilize this.

Relapse Prevention

Engaging the client from the start in an understanding of triggers/cravings and how to combat thoughts of using with our expert team on addiction. We do this through many groups focused on this area, as well as individual case management sessions that are held by a drug and alcohol counselor to ensure development in acknowledging relapse prevention and being apart of in recovery.


With Alta Centers, we are going to concentrate on the individual more than other programs may. With a dedicated licensed therapist, a dedicated certified drug and alcohol counselor and a psychiatrist at every level of care, Alta Centers has some of the most comprehensive 1:1 client care in both residential and outpatient care.

Medication Management

From detox to residential to outpatient care, we are here to help manage and understand your psychiatric needs. Whether you require adjustments to your medications or want to enroll in medication-assisted treatment such as Vivitrol, or Naltrexone, we can assist with our dedicated team of psychiatrists.


clinical programming

Alta Centers day treatment program is a daily operation that incorporates learning about recovery and teaching an individual how to stay sober. The day program ultimately processes the feelings on why they have suffered from addiction and what they can do to change their lives and make it better. Alta Centers works with evidence-based practices to sustain an individual’s sobriety while keeping them involved in day-to-day life. We believe in a model that is contained but also gives a person the freedom to deal with issues as they arise in their treatment experience. Our day program is tailored to encourage long-term sobriety through individual care and group support. This is achieved by developing skills that focus on recovery, through one-on-one visits with a therapist and a case manager, as well as group meetings. Engaging a client in developing healthy skills for improvement and developing the individual’s life to a place where addiction can no longer take hold of their life.


Our Integrated Team operates on an individual basis with every person who enters treatment at Alta Centers. We believe in a model that is structured, yet provides you with the freedom to deal with issues as they arise in your treatment process. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) runs for three hours each day to help you transition into a sober lifestyle. We utilize life skills, relapse prevention, mindfulness and evidence-based practices to develop recovery skills. The client will be more inclined to focus on getting work, involved in the community and have more time in sobriety. Our night program runs from 6 pm to 9 pm daily. It caters to business professionals and individuals who want to continue working while receiving treatment. ALTA created this program to help professionals with substance abuse issues deal with the stresses and triggers in the work environment.


ALTA believes recovery is a process. We’ve developed a strategy to support you after completing our programs to sustain long-term sobriety. Our support includes working with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis including maintenance sessions, drug testing, and alumni services. This constant contact will help any issues that arise as a person starts to learn what long-term sobriety is. Once you complete the program at Alta, we want you to leave knowing we continue to care for you at our alumni programs. Holding the bonds of those you meet in treatment closely is critical to recovery.

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From public policy, advocacy, science, patient rights, ethics, morals to just learning more about how Alta Centers runs and effectively combats addiction with treatment can be found in our resources. We believe firmly that education can help those afflicted by addiction and their loved ones to better understand, better combat, and better identify when they need to seek help for addiction issues.

Addiction as a neurobiological disease

The types of prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused are stimulants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and sedatives.


Prescription Pill Addiction

The types of prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused are stimulants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and sedatives.


Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

There are many possibilities when it comes to substance abuse treatment programs. One option is to participate in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program.


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