Addiction Recovery Is Essential to Your Health

Addiction Recovery Is Essential to Your Health

Substance addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment. Like any long-term commitment, working to maintain sobriety comes with challenges and successes. An essential part of enduring all aspects of life is to embrace opportunities.

Change, acceptance, and believing in your future are intertwined with your willingness to create new experiences. Embrace everything recovery has to offer and seize the day.


Substance addiction treatment centers foster a sense of safety and comfort as therapists optimize care to fit your needs. You’re encouraged to discover unmet emotional or physical needs through therapy sessions. A few emotional needs include:

Examples of unmet physical needs are:

Relationships and Recovery

Comprehensive substance addiction treatment begins with detoxification or detox. While in a medically supervised detox program, you can start to understand how alcohol or drugs affect your life and connections with loved ones through engaging in family therapy that includes them in your treatment. People cannot change their harmful behaviors if they are unaware of your triggers.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable being vulnerable and letting people in, which is not uncommon. Some ways to incorporate others into your recovery are:

  • Have an open and honest conversation about your substance use disorder (SUD).
  • Explore healthy alternatives to interact with each other.
  • Become involved in sober, focused group meetings. Try different types of sessions until you find the right fit.
  • Be honest if you relapse. Starting over by entering detox is a healthy way to build a foundation for lasting recovery.

The relationships you foster while navigating life after substance addiction treatment are essential to maintaining your sobriety. When you find strength in others, you become open to learning how healthy relationships work.

Strong and stable relationships can make your life more comfortable, whether with family, friends, or sober buddies. Through these relationships, you expand your friendships, actively engage in interests, and have at least one person you can call any time of the day. This is critical because, like everyone else, there will be moments when you are bored, tempted to use, or want to socialize with others.

Be Aware of Toxic Influences

Not every relationship you form or coping skill you learn will benefit you. Sometimes people, places, or things are toxic to your recovery. If you decide you need to clear your life of anything that threatens your sobriety, recognize how healthy this decision is for you.

An essential part of recovery is to be aware of your environment, emotional health, and any shifts in your behavior. Think of your maintenance like spring cleaning. Take the time to sweep everything harmful out of your life because no one is safe from relapse. No matter how long you are in recovery, you are at risk of falling into destructive habits. When you step back and assess your life, you can clear the clutter. After the clutter is gone, open yourself up to the idea of new, healthy people, places, or hobbies.

Recovery is an endless opportunity to try new things and discover how exciting and interesting life is without alcohol or drugs. Find your people and take chances. Saying something like carpe diem sounds cheesy, but there is value in it. You should live life with love, energy, and passion. The truth is, you only get to live once, so make the most of it.

Seize Your Recovery

Ask yourself how you met a goal in the past; more than likely, you didn’t sit back and wait for it to happen. For example, if you wanted to learn to surf, you wouldn’t just stand on a board and expect to surf. Instead, you might seek out a friend or an instructor to teach you how to surf. A part of that training includes learning how to attach a surfboard leash. The leash connects the surfer to the board, decreasing the risk of losing the board after falling. No matter how many times you wipe out, the connection to the board remains.

Surfing and recovery are similar. First, you need to seek out those who can help you. There may come a time when you fall off the board, but the leash— or therapy—will keep you connected to your goal.

Emotional support and relapse prevention tailored to your personal needs are essential to your well-being. Additionally, so is stepping out of your comfort zone. A few ideas to help you in your recovery are:

The chance to change, grow, and embrace opportunities is both exciting and scary. Spend time each day reflecting on the good things in your life while taking an emotional and physical inventory. Then, if your environment contains toxicity, sweep them out of your life. Alta Centers Addiction Rehab Center, located in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California , encourages your decision to change your life through detoxification and substance addiction treatment. We know how connecting with others and creating life-altering changes are positive steps in embracing your potential. Our medically supervised detox program provides the care you need to free yourself of alcohol and drugs. Our philosophy to recovery includes guiding everyone to healing in the most effective and positive ways. Our program sets a person on the path to a mindful, lasting recovery. While in our care, you can begin to understand how powerful and impactful sobriety is. We welcome questions about our detox program. Call us today at (888) 202-2583.

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