Staging An Intervention: Will It Help My Addicted Loved One?

Staging An Intervention: Will It Help My Addicted Loved One?

No matter what side you’re on, interventions are never easy. Having a loved one drowning in the depths of addiction is one of the toughest things any family member or close friend will ever have to deal with. This is precisely what makes interventions so important. By engaging in one, the person suffering will know they have a problem but will also be made aware that they have the support behind them to conquer it.


The show Intervention actually does a fairly decent job of laying the foundation in terms of the structure. An intervention should focus on providing support, encouragement, and incentive for seeking treatment. If you are looking to stage an intervention for a close friend or loved one, here are a few steps to determine whether or not it will help.


What Is An Intervention?

A true intervention should be planned meticulously from start to finish. When participating in an intervention, it is important that friends and family remain sincere instead of spontaneous. Additionally, the setting for the intervention is tantamount to its success. A good setting helps all participants stay on topic and avoid any potential distractions, as well as assigning blame, leveling accusations, or engaging in other hurtful and nonproductive behavior. Obviously emotions are riding high, but this is all the more reason to get it right and get the person in question into treatment on their own volition.


Addiction treatment centers around the country recommend keeping interventions positive. While it is important for the person to realize how their behavior affects others, there is a time and a place for that and right now the goal is to get them into one of the surrounding addiction treatment centers as soon as possible. If they are severely addicted to alcohol or opioids, they may need to visit one of the detox centers in Los Angeles beforehand.


Before staging an intervention yourself, make sure to consult a professional intervention specialist. They will help you draw up a structure and viable treatment plan, including looking for the best addiction treatment centers and detox centers in Los Angeles, which only optimizes the chances of your friend or relative successfully entering rehab.


Intervention Protocol

When conducting an intervention, it is important to stick to the script. Here is an explanation of the most important steps.


First and foremost, get help—no matter whether you need to contact an interventionist, doctor, or even a social worker. After this, contact family and friends for support.


Next, organize your intervention team. This usually consists of family, friends, and coworkers as long as the individuals in question are not struggling with their own substance abuse issues.


Third, draw up a plan that includes the exact date, time, and location of the intervention. Additionally, be sure to include a blueprint of how the process should play out, including a script people can adhere to if necessary.


Once your guide is in place, it is time to gather as much information related to the substance as possible. Be sure to study up on the recovery process as well.


From there, it is time for every member of the group to write their own impact statement. This is the part most people are familiar with. An impact statement should be personal and expound on how the person’s addiction has harmed you. As such, it should focus on compassion and love rather than on personal attacks. Written statements are a particularly effective means of getting the person in question to understand that they are not alone in their struggle.


Next, figure out what help you will offer while the person is in treatment and set strict boundaries if the person refuses to go to treatment. In the case of the former, maybe you could offer rides or some kind of assistance whenever they need to go to rehab. As far as boundaries are concerned, it is crucial to establish consequences if the person refuses treatment.


Once boundaries are established, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. A lot of things can go wrong when emotions soar through the roof, as is often the case during interventions. We’ve already talked about the importance of avoiding anger and blame, but it’s also crucial to avoid running out the clock with overindulgent explanations. A few rehearsals will ensure you have no problem staying on track.


If you have a loved one in need of an intervention and are not sure where to look, check out Alta Centers Detox. One of the best detox centers in Los Angeles, their exemplary staff is more than ready to assist with the treatment process. Their comprehensive program looks at healthy rehabilitation and community development in equal measure. The goal is to rehabilitate the individual as well as equip them with the tools needed for a full recovery.

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