Sober Parties in Society

sober parties

During the recovery process, it can seem that one has to cut themselves off from society and all the norms that come with it. While this means things like avoiding going to bars and parties, the influence and potential triggers extend far beyond that. Triggers and urges can come in many forms – from commercials on television, advertisements, and logos to sponsorships at sporting events and award shows. It’s hard to escape the imagery of alcohol and drugs, which leaves addicted people feeling alienated from society. Yet there are ways to mend that line during the recovery process.

What Are Sober Parties?

Sober parties provide a way for people to experience all the norms of going out with friends while remaining on the path to sobriety. Sober parties are without the influence and presence of alcohol or drugs. They typically avoid paraphernalia and maintain focus on the food or activities planned. Creating this space provides many advantages to people in recovery, as well as friends and loved ones who are not on a recovery path.

Less Alone Than You’d Think

The first advantage that these kinds of parties provide is a sense of community. As mentioned before, it can often feel like one has to decide between getting sober or continue with their substance abuse. That feeling of isolation is a huge hurdle that needs to be addressed and overcome in recovery. Providing an environment with like-minded people and even peers in the same phase and path of sobriety is a reassuring thing.

Eliminating Discussions

This leads to another aspect that sober parties excel in: non-confrontational interactions. There is always a fear that one may have to explain to someone why they don’t want a drink, or what happens if someone buys one for them anyway. Trying to avoid talking about the subject while also having fun is an impressive, and constant, balancing act that lends itself to no easy answer. The simple act of explaining recovery and the need for sobriety can be riddled with a sense of guilt and shame. As such, avoiding the topic as a whole is most often the most comfortable and practical answer. However, this creates a divide between the individual and the people around them. Attending sober parties allows for a conversation without those walls in place. Everyone present is already under the same impressions and sharing the same mission: to have a good time, with good people, in a safe and sober environment.

Redefining Normal

Going from an addict to a life of sobriety is a significant change in lifestyle. It has any number of difficulties along the way, and it is natural to grasp for some kind of “normal.” However, the recovery process fundamentally begins with rewiring and redefining of what is or can be considered “normal.” Not only is it reassurance of the possibility of recovery, but it also provides a venue for getting there without having to sacrifice what makes one unique in the first place. Making one more willing to participate in all that life has to offer in sobriety and all of the people and communities around them where they do fit in. Before long, it is a new “normal,” devoid of any potentially harmful triggers, all accomplished within a fun way without ever even acknowledging the drugs and alcohol in the world.

So, what are sober parties? A gateway to new people and experiences free of alcohol, drugs, and triggers to either of them. They are a step in the process that creates a new world where sobriety isn’t always a chore to be forced to do, it is something that is fun and healthy.

For those looking to take that first step to recovery and prepare themselves for a life free from drugs and alcohol, Alta Centers are there to help. With a focus on detox and putting a major importance on recovering patients remaining as impactful, active parts of society, Alta Centers aims to find community and fun wherever possible in the recovery process. Each journey to sobriety varies, and Alta Centers provide the launching point for people to make their best decisions for their lives, surrounded by options of community and kinship along the way. For those wanting to speak to one of the professionals today to discuss the different options available, contact 1-(888)202-2583 to begin.


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