Focus on Healing Away From Home

Residential Addiction &

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

in Los Angeles

Supporting Your First Days of Lifelong Recovery

The residential program we offer is designed to help patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction in a treatment facility that looks like home. Clients will find it easy to heal with our individualized treatment plans as they are taken through the different daily activities and checkups from our caring team of healthcare professionals.

You can reclaim your life. You can attain the quality of living you desire. And we believe that not even addiction can stop you. This is why we have created a treatment facility that offers both safety and comfort. Our residential facility is designed to remove distractions and help you focus on why you are here – your recovery.


Individualized Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Care

Wherever you are in your recovery journey, you can rest assured that our caring staff is ready to walk you through at any time of the day or night. We are also a leading Los Angeles center for treating co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and more. So even if there are other underlying issues making addiction more difficult, you have come to the right place for complete recovery.

Our residential treatment services are designed for patients who have completed detox or those who are struggling with long-term sobriety in a sober living home or outpatient facility. You can expect at least 20 hours of programming per week over the maximum 45-day treatment period.


Alta Centers Residential Treatment

The first thing we want you to quickly realize is that there is no one-size-fits-all process of recovery at Alta Centers. This is because every one of our patients is different, and they receive individualized treatment programs to fit their unique needs.

However, we can still give you a glimpse of what you can expect.


You will be assigned a therapist and a counselor who will spend significant time with you for individual sessions. In addition, you will be spending a good deal of time having discussions with a carefully selected group of individuals who are also on the journey to recovery. Moreover, our clients will have family therapy sessions during the residential period. There are also lots of fun activities that will be thrown into the mix, such as:


Gym visits twice a week (After the detox program)

Outdoor meetings at the beach

High quality meals

Walks through the neighborhood

Visits to the movies

Other COVID-friendly activities