Learn to Embrace Your Personality

Embrace Your Personality

Learn to Embrace Your Personality

Your personality is unique to who you are and what you choose in life. Instead of listening to others’ thoughts on what you need to change, learn to embrace who you are.

Your personality is what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Whether you are bold, brash, flamboyant, introspective, or shy, you are worthy of love and respect. The opinion of a friend or family member should not affect how you view yourself, but at times their words may carry more weight than you think. So instead of living through their impressions of you, learn to love yourself and make improvements or tweaks where needed.

You Are Your Story

Your life is an evolving novel that is constantly being written, edited, and revised. You are the main character, so don’t let yourself become the sidekick. Instead, learn to embrace what makes you unique and don’t be afraid to shine.

How can you learn how to shine? Learning who you are and embracing it may be a more turbulent journey than some of your peers. Instead of comparing your path to someone else’s, let’s work on how you can become a reliable leader in your story.

Coming Into Your Own

People use “coming into your own” to describe the process of learning to love who you are. Some ways you can come into your own are through self-discovery, therapy, and support groups.

Perhaps you aren’t sure of your character in your story. You may even find yourself making adjustments to your personality throughout each chapter of your life. Along the way, it’s perfectly normal to experience events that change your behavior and mold your character. If you are in an environment that restricts or denies who you are, you need to find a place where you can shine. You need to find your network of support.

There are healthy ways to search for those who will love and support you unconditionally before you begin to search for a healthy and accepting environment. First, think about what characteristics you want. What is important to you? Then, make a list of your interests, needs, and desires for your living environment.

Once you make your list, search for what you love about yourself. Be honest but don’t allow negative thoughts to derail your focus on the positives. Now, go over your list and contemplate how you can build on these characteristics.

Find your people. The right individuals will see your inner and outer beauty. They will build you up and let you shine without restriction or judgment. Those who support you won’t be afraid of listening, helping, and applauding you throughout your journey of self-discovery; you will come into your own.

Don’t Internalize Opinions

Everyone has an opinion about something or someone. The problem is some aren’t afraid to share their views in a healthy way. It’s also important to know that not everyone who shares their opinion with you does so to give you positive feedback. Hurtful intentions can lead to hurt feelings.

When you internalize negative opinions, you can decrease your self-esteem. You can also give power to another, allowing them to steer your life. Where would characters like Mulan be if she listened to what others expected or thought of her?

Are You Too Much?

What does it mean to be excessive? People’s culture, environment, or loved ones shape their personalities. Your personality may push the boundaries of your role in society. For example, sometimes girls are expected to be quiet, acquiesce to authority figures, or put others before themselves. On the other hand, boys can face expectations of masculinity based on society’s standards. When you go against or push the boundaries of your expected role in a community, you may become labeled.

Don’t hide your personality to make others happy. Learn how to remain true to yourself, accomplish your goals, and be the lead character in your story. Think about a character you admire in a book, movie, or tv show. What do you admire about them? Characters and people you admire most likely remain true to themselves and not let others make them a side story. Emulate them by not allowing others to make you a side story in your own life.

Am I Not Enough?

Scan yourself and your personality. Can you find something you want to change, or are you internalizing opinions from someone who doesn’t add value to your life? Being told you aren’t enough has a similar effect as being told you are too much. You define who you are and how you interact with others.

Outside influences craft your personality, but your character is also formed by what you accept or reject. Someone who tells you your personality lacks is making a judgment based on their perception. Remember, some criticize you because they wish they had a specific personality trait you possess. On the other hand, remember that not everybody gets the same version of you. And some may be more critical because they haven’t seen you in recovery.

Embrace Your Essence

What you may forget in your day-to-day life is you are exactly where you need to be. Yes, you may have flaws, unhealthy habits, or unkind thoughts about yourself. Despite all of that, you are perfect at being you. When people say they are perfectly flawed, they mean that through their flaws, their perfection shines. Learning who you are and accepting it with grace is the definition of embracing your essence. Allow yourself to receive the love you deserve from within and from others. Once you accept your personality for everything it is, you’ll become the best version of yourself. Make yourself a priority and embrace your essence.

Some personalities are more vibrant while others are subtle, yet everyone has unique traits that distinguish them from the rest. You can learn how to revel in your personality through learning to love yourself. Embrace your essence and accept your flaws while taking on the role of the lead character in your story. In some cases, self-discovery includes seeking help for mental disorders caused by substance addiction. Through treatment, you can express your personality while encircling yourself with love and acceptance. You can begin your path to the unconditional love of yourself through a detox program, all while mapping out your next steps in recovery. A small, private treatment center like Alta Centers in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California will provide you with serenity and individualized treatment. Alta Centers’ therapists will also incorporate your input in a treatment plan. We embrace your uniqueness and support you in your recovery process. Call Alta Center today for more information at (888) 202-2583.


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