Getting Sober for the New Year

Getting Sober for the New Year

New years is a reminder of the things we want to do. It’s a reminder that maybe we aren’t as healthy as we want to be. It’s also a reminder to millions of Americans that they are suffering from the disease of addiction. Addiction affects 23.5 million Americans according to SAMSHA, and a lot of them start seeing new years as a way to get sober from drugs and alcohol. Getting sober during the new year is often tricky, people underestimate how important getting the help they truly need and working on the psychological issues within treatment that cause addiction to flourish. Recovery is about new beginnings and new starts; we welcome anyone who is willing to kick an addiction and wants to learn more about getting sober.

We wanted to offer some tips if you are going to get sober for the new year:

Find sober friends.

Sober friends can support you as you transition your life and learn a new way of walking through life and going through struggles. You can find people you relate to in many support group meetings, while as a company, we don’t endorse any support group specifically, Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 step programs and other types of support groups like Refuge Recovery, or SMARTrecovery.

Find hobbies you enjoy

So many of us did a lot of hobbies that involved drinking; we didn’t realize how much fun these types of recreational activities can be when we get sober.

Be Honest

Recovery is not easy; it’s essential to deal with rising issues, if you are stressed out, talk about it. If you feel angry, say you are mad. There isn’t an easy way, to be honest. Struggling is sometimes apart of the recovery from addiction. For a long time, we used drugs and alcohol to not talk about our emotions. It’s so important to be authentic and honest in your recovery.

Talk about treatment

Every person’s first instinct is that they do not need rehab. It is easy to get sober on your own…right? No. it’s not. Addiction is a biological, psychological and social disease. There are a lot of different aspects of addiction, and it’s important to talk to professionals about your issues, especially if you are taking a drug that’s physically addictive as you could suffer from medical complications if you try to quit altogether alcohol, opiates, or other drugs that physically have withdrawal symptoms.

Stigma and Shame only hinder the addict

Stigma and shame can hold an addict or alcoholic down, make them afraid of speaking up. If you know you have a problem, it is okay to be vulnerable. It is okay to ask for help. It’s okay to not be okay.


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