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Alta Centers understands that watching a loved one walk down the dark path of addiction is difficult and we’re not only here to support the person with the addiction but the family as well. Our comprehensive programming is developed to engage the family and the loved ones wanting to participate in addiction treatment. Our dedicated staff wants to encourage participation from the family, and perform weekly phone calls to all loved ones. Alta Centers was started to not only help the addict but to help the addict’s family as our founder is both in recovery and grew up in addiction.

We’ve developed a program that doesn’t just have a family program but integrates family into the process of treatment. We believe that to get sober; the family needs to participate in the treatment of the addict. We do this through programming groups and sessions designed to teach the family more about addiction and living with addiction. This service provides a benefit free of charge to heal more from how addiction dismantles a family and provides insight into the deadly disease of addiction with education and both family therapy in a group and individual setting.

Families often send their loved ones to treatment feeling distraught and hurt from the actions of the addict. Proper treatment should include treatment of the family and no one knows that more than the staff at Alta Centers, as most of us have either loved ones ourselves or have repaired our relationships with family members as we entered recovery.

The goal of our family program is to encourage healing and education for both the recovering person and the people who care about them.

family programming includes the following groups:

education on addiction

We want the individual’s loved ones to get the proper education and dismantle the myths of addiction.

family individual therapy

We want to meet the loved ones and work on the issues that have plagued their relationships through individual therapy with our licensed marriage and family therapists and encourage healing within the family unit.

communication and healing

We want to develop a system of communication for our clients but also for the people who will be the line of communication once treatment is over. Groups focused on how communication can enhance a person’s recovery and talk about the feelings on both the loved one and the client’s side of the aisle.

family roles

By engaging in addiction, we develop family functions. Our staff is knowledgeable and educated on how family roles tie into the addiction process and are here to treat these roles and see how they change over time as an individual gets sober.

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From public policy, advocacy, science, patient rights, ethics, morals to just learning more about how Alta Centers runs and effectively combats addiction with treatment can be found in our resources. We believe firmly that education can help those afflicted by addiction and their loved ones to better understand, better combat, and better identify when they need to seek help for addiction issues.

Addiction as a neurobiological disease

The types of prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused are stimulants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Prescription Pill Addiction

The types of prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused are stimulants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

There are many possibilities when it comes to substance abuse treatment programs. One option is to participate in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program.

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