Meditation For Anywhere: Find Your Inner Peace

Meditation began in Eastern cultures but was soon adopted by cultures throughout the world. Through meditation, you can find a sense of inner peace, harmony, and awareness. Over time, people adopted meditation to reflect their needs or culture, creating different forms that were suitable to them. How do you decide which form of meditation is […]

Tips to Addressing Environmental Disasters

Despite the decrease of COVID restrictions, California residents are experiencing stress, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The reason? California is facing water restrictions due to drought and a potentially dangerous wildfire season.   The Impact of Water Restrictions   California has experienced droughts before this year. There are several historical droughts, including from 2012-16 […]

Breaking Free From a Mental Prison

We are responsible for our thoughts. Each thought, every action, and feeling — we have control over how we think. Our minds are our jailor or our freedom.   Our thoughts and feelings determine our reactions and behaviors. Our responses, our beliefs, and our inner dialogue influence our path in life. Negative thoughts lead to […]

Speak Your Truth: Find Your Authentic Self

Speaking one’s truth isn’t new. Most people aren’t quite sure when or who coined the phrase. It has been expressed in many forms by Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Oprah, the Quakers, Eat, Pray, Love’s author Elizabeth Gilbert, and Mark Twain. Speaking truth is a theme in the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements. You can […]

What Is Subconscious and Conscious Awareness?

The goal of becoming self-aware is to recognize the various aspects of the self. How a person behaves, feels emotions, and perceives themselves can provide the insight needed to continue to grow and change. There are four components to self-awareness that offer insight into where a person is at any point in their life.    […]

Rethinking the “Self-Care” Solution to Burnout

There are many holistic, self-care-oriented tips and techniques that can be helpful to manage stress and maintain mental health. However, these self-care strategies may not be sufficient enough when seeking solutions for burnout. For addiction professionals who may be experiencing burnout, and healthcare professionals at large, it is essential to be aware of the symptoms, […]