The Benefits in Hosting Your Own Summer Event

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Summer is often a time when people come together for social events. The warm weather and constant sunshine make the season great for parties and get-togethers. However, if you are recovering from addiction, these events could cause problems. Triggers and urges have the potential to come up at parties. The array of new and old friends can be a deterrent if you don’t want to share your recovery during that time.

These events can be challenging to manage, and people in recovery often find themselves in a contradiction because you may be anxious about going to parties again while still needing community and stress-release. Summer isn’t only about parties, however. Using this time to host your own sober party has a myriad of benefits while not compromising your need for social interactions.

What are Sober Parties?

As the name implies, sober parties are a gathering where there are no drugs or alcohol present on the grounds. This eliminates the threat of using these substances at the party. Everyone in attendance should know the kind of party they are attending. Thus, each participant will understand the expectations. People will not be asking why someone isn’t drinking at the party or insist that someone has “just one.”

The participants and hosts alike all get to avoid that part of the conversation and get together with similar expectations in mind. Instead of focusing on drugs or alcohol, people can instead focus on engaging in other activities. Take the time to focus on games, new foods, and all other aspects of the party rather than looking for an excuse to drink.

Creating a Role for Yourself

Having a particular role at an event is vital in keeping your mind and body busy during social events. Keeping both dimensions of yourself busy can prevent the mind from wandering and accentuating anxieties or urges at a party. Having a role can also reaffirm your social skills. Hosting can involve setting up and explaining certain games at the venue, or being in charge of food.

Cooking and serving are powerful therapeutic techniques in and of themselves. Being able to utilize them in a problematic scenario is a sign of immense growth. Serving is a practice of building trust and deepening relationships, both new and old. Playing grillmaster, baking desserts, serving drinks, or running cornhole are all ways to put your energy into an event while still being in attendance. You can still enjoy the company of others while keeping busy enough to mitigate the urges.

Managing Escape Plans

Being the host at your own sober party also provides you with an easy escape plan. You are never too far from a safe space when you’re in charge. You don’t need to rely on the presence of others to escape a situation. At your residence or familiar venue, you can be more aware of your surroundings and feel as if you have greater control over the proceedings. This feeling of security as a safety net can help you make it through the night while safely enjoying yourself in a safe, controlled environment devoid of high-risk situations.

Creating a Community

Summertime’s gatherings were always about establishing a sense of community, regardless of what kind of party was taking place. Hosting a sober party is in line with that mission. Creating a new community where you feel included is an integral part of recovery. Your party is still a social event, but it is also a beacon of support to others in the community.

Being able to go out and socialize is a huge step in recovery. Helping others feel comfortable in their abilities to experience community and friendship again is important for all involved. A place to feel safe can be challenging to come by. Still, each person in recovery can attend important social outings with faith that there will be a degree of safety due to the sober party.

Establishing a new “normal” is a difficult step, but hosting and attending sober parties can be a step in the right direction. Being social is a vital part of recovery, but being comfortable with enjoying yourself can be difficult. Managing expectations and creating a sober environment filled with community and loved ones are ways to move forward. Everyone deserves to enjoy themselves during recovery, and hosting a sober party is a way to accomplish that without sacrificing your sobriety.

Community is an essential part of recovery at every step. At Alta Centers, their modern take on the detox and recovery models champions the use of community and a constant, safe integration with society. By using sober parties and events where people can still enjoy themselves and feel as if they are a part of something, Alta Centers looks to mitigate the sense of isolation that can come with recovery and create a positive outlook for the future. For more information on their programs and recovery model, contact their caring staff at (888) 202-2583 today.

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