Why Asking “Am I An Alcoholic” Is the Wrong Question to Ask

Those concerned about their interactions with alcohol will often ask the question, “Am I an alcoholic?” They could be trying to figure out if they need help. They want to know that they are okay and feel better about how often or how they drink. However, this is entirely the wrong question to ask when […]

“Letting Go” Doesn’t Mean Forgetting

The mental health and addiction recovery fields are, by nature, filled with stresses and extreme situations. Each patient brings a unique story, and rarely do they make an appointment to share only good news. Recovery involves confronting adversity at every step. As a result, this process often requires us to address people at the lowest […]

Contextualizing Recovery – Looking Back to Look Forward

Understanding addiction and how it has affected each individual person can be a difficult task. Addiction isn’t something that anyone sets out to develop and many develop without the person realizing that it is happening at first. When someone realizes that there may be a problem with drugs, alcohol, or any other substance, they will […]

Healthy and Sober: New Year’s Lifestyle Changes

New Year’s Eve holds promise for a healthier new year. The path to health starts with a commitment to improving your well-being through consistency and patience. Then, you can join those who evaluate their lives and choose to replace harmful habits with healthy ones. For some, life-changing decisions mean losing weight or stopping the use […]