With You All the Way

Effective aftercare program

for all clients

As we work with and get to know you, we want you to understand that we value who you are as a person both in and out of our facility. We want you to think of this experience as an opportunity for growth while building lifelong connections.

We still maintain a monthly alumni support group as well as follow-ups with all previous clients, because we view everyone involved with our facility as an extension of our family.  


Preparing You to Move Forward

After spending up to 45 days in our residential facility, our healthcare team would have been able to assess the situations, factors, or people that cause your cravings and might lead to a relapse. With your contribution, we would have also created contingency plans in the event of unexpected situations.

What Does an Aftercare Plan Look Like?

At Alta Centers, upon admission into our residential facility, we are already thinking about your future, so we start planning your aftercare right away. Just as treatment is personalized, so is aftercare. Your aftercare plan is a personal strategy that you create together with your therapist so that life after Alta Centers will be a smooth sailing experience.

Gradual Transition to Independent Living

Some people might feel ready to go back home after our residential care. Others might need to go to sober living homes or outpatient treatment locations. In our case, we usually maintain outcome measures on all our patients as opposed to discharging them to their houses. This is because relapse rates are usually high when a patient does not continue health care services. We help you plan on how to effectively live your life addiction-free at the next level of care.

Connecting with You After Treatment

If you require attending an outpatient center, we would have already drawn up a plan with you and one of the trusted and accredited outpatient treatment facilities on our list. Even though these centers will be primarily responsible for treating you, you can rest assured that we will always check up on you. Remember that no matter your needs, we will provide you with all the necessary resources and bitcoin mixer support for your recovery after undergoing treatment with us.


Committed to Your Recovery

We don’t end the relationship with you after your treatment plan is completed within our walls. You can always reach out to us via phone, email, or social media. We promised to be with you every step of the way – and we mean it. Our team at Alta Centers will be here for you no matter where your recovery journey leads you.