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Our goal is to make sure clients are left with a lasting impact to ensure quality and recovery.

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for your loved one

Alta Centers was started to not only help the addict but to help the addict’s family

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Alta Centers was started to not only help the addict but to help the addict’s family

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our treatment team is responsive, efficient and uses evidence-based practices

Welcome to Alta Centers, We are a state of the art addiction treatment program. Alta Centers has earned the seal of approval from the Joint Commission through the years we’ve been opened we’ve focused on one thing throughout an individual’s episode with us, and that is client care.

Alta Centers is here to help, with a 24 hours admissions line, and staff willing to take you through every step of treatment to identify the issues and reasons for addiction. We come from a method of treatment that isn’t just 12-step or our way. We want an individual to identify what works for them. We are open to different types of support groups and want every person to feel welcome at Alta Centers.

we continually review our standards to meet new and effective treatment measures on a regular basis


We are committed to authentic care in addiction treatment.


We hand-pick our employees on their motivation to help others.

driven by results

The results of leading research should impact the facility you are going to.


Active top-down leadership is at the heart of our facility.

our beliefs

our mission

Alta Centers provides addiction treatment to struggling individuals in a community environment with a transparent value, helping them feel safe and have a newfound sense of stability and belonging.

our promise

Quality, Individualized, and A Safe Environment to develop who you are as a sober person through detox, treatment and outpatient levels of care.

our team

We know the difficulty of getting clean & sober, we are committed to each client and determined to make a difference in the journey of recovery for all who enter our doors.

our staff

Alta Centers is comprised of staff from many backgrounds. Collectively with over 60 years experience in the field, we do not compromise when it comes to knowledgeable staff and client-focused treatment.

many insurance options available

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February 5, 2018

Women Abuse Alcohol More Than Men

Women abuse drugs and alcohol in different ways than men, 33.3% male (alcohol) and 42.3% female (alcohol).  Women tend to do it while they are alone, so they can hide...
Farah Yaghobi Uncategorized
January 5, 2018

Alta Centers Launches #RecoveryLooksLikeThis

  Press Release- 01/05/2018 Alta Centers, a Los Angeles based drug and alcohol treatment center has announced a social media campaign to remove the stigma and shame of addiction recovery....
December 28, 2017

Getting Sober for the New Year

Getting Sober for the New Year   New years is a reminder of the things we want to do. It’s a reminder that maybe we aren’t as healthy as we...


From public policy, advocacy, science, patient rights, ethics, morals to just learning more about how Alta Centers runs and effectively combats addiction with treatment can be found in our resources. We believe firmly that education can help those afflicted by addiction and their loved ones to better understand, better combat, and better identify when they need to seek help for addiction issues.

Prescription Pill Addiction

The types of prescription drug medications that are most commonly abused are stimulants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and sedatives.

Oxycontin Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox

OxyContin is the brand name for a narcotic medication called oxycodone. It can be an extremely dangerous medication if not take properly.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

There are many possibilities when it comes to substance abuse treatment programs. One option is to participate in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program.

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